dreamy galena, il session | Galena, IL

When life hands you lemons...!

You can't exactly plan for days like these. When Mariana + Brian asked me to travel to Galena and photograph them in celebration of their 5th anniversary in mid-October, we had no reason to think the weekend wouldn't be typically dry, cool and colorful. 

But this fall was unusually wet, and the day of our shoot was one of the wettest. So when I asked Mariana + Brian if they were up for a romantic rainy day shoot, they were all in! 

We started at a wonderful restaurant in a historic building in Galena called One Eleven Main. They were so kind and let us come in from the pouring rain. And they have amazing Thai chicken wings!

It was Mariana's dream for this shoot to go to the Galena Cellars Vineyard. It was a downpour while we were there, but they channeled The Notebook and it was beautiful!

Our last stop was a surprise for the couple...some rainy waterfall photos at Thunder Bay Falls.

Lisa Kathan