University of Chicago Brent House | chicago elopement photography

Everything about Sarah + Josh made us smile. The way Josh adored his beautiful Sarah, and his face lit up when he looked at or talked with her, and the way he made her laugh. these two are clearly best friends who are very much in love!

Sarah spent a good deal of time at Brent House (the Episcopalian campus ministry) during her studies at the University of Chicago, and Josh is now a youth pastor. So they chose to have a full Episcopal ceremony with communion in the tiny chapel at the campus ministry house, Brent House.

I loved the special details Sarah and Josh included in their ceremony: an heirloom crucifix belonging to Josh’s grandmother; a gold cross that belonged to Sarah’s great-grandmother, for her to wear on her wedding day; and the communion bread, handmade by Josh, which the couple served to the small handful of guests who attended their private ceremony.


After the ceremony, we spent time capturing the couple around the gorgeous, historic University of Chicago campus. If we could only bottle the joy these two had in one another, and wear it as a fragrance every day...