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you deserve amazing wedding photos...

That’s exactly why we’ve put together this Wedding Day Guide for Couples!
Even though you’re having a tiny wedding, we put a good deal of thought into every single wedding we do….so we put together this little guide to help you think through the some things and answer some questions.

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine!) and let’s dig in together!


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Getting ready photos are easily some of my favorite moments of elopements and tiny weddings. Many couples love to get ready together, and I really enjoy capturing those tender moments with the two of you alone.

If you do want to do getting ready photos, just let me know!

side note, Have your details ready.

Set aside everything that you’d like photographed. This can include items such as rings, flowers, shoes, groom’s watch, the bride’s dress or anything else special, like a gift or heirloom.

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Bar none, these are my favorite moments of the day, and why I love weddings so much! The moments you share on the day you become husband and wife are some of the sweetest memories of your day, that will be there for the rest for lives. They’ll be on your walls, in your heirloom album, and the pictures your children and grandchildren will look at one day. You're probably not going to hang a photo of your wedding dinner on the wall, but the look you give one another when you are alone on this magical day will stay with you a lifetime. 

With a tiny wedding, I like to plan for 1 hour of photos with just the couple.

Pre- or post-ceremony?  When it comes to tiny weddings, my favorite is to do your photos after the ceremony. Why? Because you are SO much more relaxed! There’s a lot of nerves building up to the ceremony, and once it’s over, not only are you MARRIED, but you’re in a giddy, I-can’t-believe-I-just married-you, love bubble of joy and it makes for some amazing moments!

Just the two of you, please! If you have guests participating on your wedding day, they’ll definitely be excited to spend time with you after the ceremony. However, I ask that the time during your portraits is just between us. Not only can family and friends looking on be a distraction, but it often takes away from those sweet moments you’ll share alone. If you’re going to dinner with them after your ceremony, we can just send them ahead to meet you in about an hour!

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help your guests be present for your ceremony

If you’re having guests at your wedding, I strongly encourage you to consider having an unplugged ceremony. This simply means that guests are encouraged to refrain from using their phones and cameras during the ceremony.

Not only is it important for your guests to be in the moment and fully present during this special moment, but it also allows me to do my job to the best of my ability. When guests are taking photos during the ceremony they may unintentionally interfere with my ability to take photographs of your ceremony. Having an unplugged ceremony allows your guests to be fully attentive and for you to have the best photos possible.




Our wedding is so small, do I really need flowers? Even if you're eloping or having a tiny wedding, please consider having a bouquet for your wedding photos. Even though you're possibly wearing a white dress, flowers take your wedding photos to the next level. Plus it gives your hands something to do! You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, either. An lovely small bouquet can be made under $50.

Our ceremony time is planned to be around/after the time the sun is setting, but we don’t want a first look. Is that going to be a problem?

It most definitely will!  We still need time for family photos and at least 60 minutes for couple photos before we lose our natural light. I’d definitely recommend either doing a first look before your ceremony, or bumping up your ceremony time to 2-3 hours prior to sunset so we can fit all your photos in after the ceremony.

I wear eyeglasses, should I wear them for my wedding photos?
If you always wear eyeglasses, and would feel awkward or uncomfortable without them, then definitely wear them! I'll do my best to prevent glare if you wear them (though some of your images will naturally have some glare on your glasses).

However, if you wear "transition" glasses, they WILL look like sunglasses outdoors and in bright indoor light. My opinion is that photos with sunglasses/transition glasses cause you to appear disconnected from others around you, and that's probably not the look you're going for in your wedding photos! If you choose to wear them on your wedding day, you're accepting this outcome, and they won't be retouched. Some good suggestions are to wear a pair of non-transition glasses, remove them completely for your wedding photos, or wear contacts if possible.