...and the readers of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine agree.*

IMHO, Chicago is the best big city in the US!

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* Readers of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine have named Chicago the Best Big City in the US every year since 2017

I’m a wife, friend, dog momma, ambivert, communicator, and entrepreneur (who happens to love tiny weddings).

I’ve always been obsessed with smaller weddings. When Erich and I were married, planning an intimate wedding was definitely thinking outside the box, because people were just starting to do it; and we really wanted to have our wedding somewhere unique, but the only venues in the area were golf clubs and banquet halls. So we were married in a friend’s backyard with less than 50 guests, and to this day I don’t have a single regret about that decision. We spent our day surrounded by those who knew us best, were able to talk with all of our guests, and I still remember everyone who was there.

As a photographer, I’ve worked hard to hold space in Chicago’s wedding industry for couples planning tiny weddings & elopements. I’m now considered an expert in this growing corner of weddings, and they’re the only weddings I photograph!

So I became the only Chicago-area photographer dedicated to offering a boutique experience for couples just like you.

Cheers, I'm Lisa!

My favorite flowers are tulips and peonies.

Lou Malnati’s is the best Chicago deep dish pizza. Prove me wrong.

I love to laugh before a photo shoot — comedy & SNL adjacent podcasts are my fave.

Ketchup is gross, unless it’s on a burger.

I'm already pretty sure I'm gonna
misplace my lens cap during your shoot.

I love espresso, but only drink decaf.

I have wanderlust in my heart, but like
to sleep in my own bed. 

(and a few unsolicited opinions)

things about me

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