So this time we're going to do things differently.

I don’t just send you a list of props to bring to your shoot — I do a deep dive on your brand, so by the time your shoot comes around, I know your brand like it’s my own. And that's how we’re going to create images that are unique and creative...just like you.

Let’s be honest, your audience is overwhelmed by others in your market, who do the same thing as you. So it’s your job to help them feel what it’s like to work with YOU.

You’re not the same as everyone else in your industry, and you know that! So stop using brand photos that look like everyone else’s, and let’s create creative images that speak to your clients and show them exactly who you are.

getting brand photos is 

I hear you...

usually the opposite of fun.

6 seconds

Time you have to convince someone to stay on your website


How much adding a photo can improve recall


How much faster photos are processed to the brain than  text only

Quality brand photos increase consistency, and consistency helps consumers to anticipate a positive client experience with you.

we'll make things easy & enjoyable — because it's supposed to be fun!



We’ll set up a Discovery call to chat about the dreams and goals you have for your brand. We’ll pick a date for your shoot and start planning!



I’ll start a Deep Dive on your brand. My goal is to know your brand better than pretty much else, so I can create images that perfectly tell your unique story. We’ll set up another call before your shoot, so we can go over the big plan!

the day is 


You’ll show up, 1000% prepared and looking amazing, and we’ll create images that tell the stories of your brand. A few weeks later, you’ll have a full gallery of beautiful, unique images that will make your audience say,,. “hey, I need to hire you!”

Wendy Valentine, author/podcaster of The Midlife Makeover

I could not have found a more perfect photographer, artist and entrepreneur to help me create the vision of my dreams. Her photography was such a beautiful part of the masterpiece of my brand.

Lisa took my business to heart and made it her own.



My favorite flowers are tulips and peonies.

Lou Malnati’s is the best Chicago deep dish pizza. Prove me wrong.

I love to laugh before a photo shoot — comedy & SNL adjacent podcasts are my fave.

Ketchup is gross, unless it’s on a burger.

I'm already pretty sure I'm gonna
misplace my lens cap during your shoot.

I love espresso, but only drink decaf.

I have wanderlust in my heart, but like
to sleep in my own bed. 

(and a few unsolicited opinions)

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