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I'm Lisa! I'm so excited to be able to share my favorite tips, expert insight into creative brands and tiny weddings, and some of the real-life stories of the amazing people I get to capture!

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Lisa Kathan and husband Erich

The Extra and the Exhausting in 2024

So, um, I hate to be the one who brings this up, but … 2024 has been equal parts “extra and exhausting.”

Which brings me to the fact that it’s July! Well, hello there, Summer!! ☀️Which means we are officially about halfway through this year.

First up, here are a few things I’m feeling pretty extra about this year (aka – the wins!!)

The Arlington Heights Women's Collective

New friends

Last year I made a commitment to attending networking events and meetups so I could connect with others outside the photography and wedding world I had been so involved with for the last 8 years. It’s been so much fun meeting new people (I realized how much I missed it during the pandemic), and some of you are right here in my new community!

Launching brand photography

Last year I spent much of the year trying to build my brand portfolio, and testing my offers with a few amazing creative businesses, in addition to several clients who took advantage of my launch pricing. This year was the full launch of my strategic brand photography, and it’s been so much fun!

Lisa Kathan and her husband Erich

Taking time for my bestest friend

Every year my husband and I think we’ll just make doing the fun things happen. But between both of our jobs (he’s a cardiac RN and sometimes has weekends where he’s on call and has to stay near home), and monthly treks to Minnesota to visit his mom, who has Alzheimer’s — those fun things just never seem to happen! So we’ve started scheduling one weekend a month to spend time doing something fun (aka, not yardwork or watching TV), and it’s been a great addition to our lives and our relationship.

Ok, now for the juicy part! 

Here are a few things that have happened this year that I would describe as downright exhausting.

Website drama

Creating one website out of two was a daunting task that I started in 2023 (it was a much bigger challenge than I expected). Yes, I wrote all the copy and designed it myself… and believe me, there were many times I wished I had just hired a web designer to do it for me. It took way too much time from me being able to focus on building my newly launched brand photography business. I finally completed it this Spring and it’s already getting traffic from Google!

Being the CEO

Another goal I’ve had for years was to really become the CEO of my company. This included me getting way more on top of my financials, so I could be more freed up to creatively drive my business forward. Doing this has involved a lot of heavy mindset work that I’m working through with the help of Gina Knox’s 6 Figure Saver coaching program. I am realizing how deeply my money mindset has affected me in all areas of my life, and I am doing the hard work of reframing my thoughts around money. 

Wading through the business slog

I know this won’t be lost on most of you…but this year has been HARD. Finding clients, getting clients to book (or even respond!), has been a full time job in itself. I’m thankful to be doing the money mindset work that I mentioned above because it’s really getting me through this time. But #notgonnalie, there are days I just feel too mentally exhausted to work (yep, I canceled all my non-client work last week so I could just get a break from it all). 

It is not lost on me that you’re here, reading all my real life struggles and wins. I hope you’re able to also see that we all go through STUFF ~ good and bad ~ and that you’re amazing!



I'm Lisa! I'm so excited to be able to share my favorite tips, expert insight into creative brands and tiny weddings, and some of the real-life stories of the amazing people I get to capture!

help! what do i wear to my brand session?

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