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I'm Lisa! I'm so excited to be able to share my favorite tips, expert insight into creative brands and tiny weddings, and some of the real-life stories of the amazing people I get to capture!

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3 Tips for Surviving a Failed Launch

In 2022 I had a brand mini session launch that stunk.

I was on the verge of launching my brand photography business, and thought that mini sessions would be a great way to help others get the experience of working with me without having to commit to a full brand session. I was actually also using it sort of as a litmus test to see if people would even care that I was doing something new and want to hire me as a brand photographer.

Welp, the brand mini session launch failed. I had ONE person sign up and she was a friend who I think actually booked a session with me because she felt bad.

But, I survived a failed launch — and in fact, today I am so happy to share that my most recent launch of brand mini sessions was a big success, and all of the spots were filled within 72 hours.

So, as you can imagine, I’ve learned so much from this situation that I want to share with you.

Here are 3 things I learned for how to survive a failed launch:

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail

When my launch flopped, I was so sure it was because people just didn’t think I’d be a very good brand photographer. I didn’t feel confident about it either, and decided I didn’t want to waste my time on planning something that might fail anyway. It sounds ridiculous now that I write that!

But when I started talking out loud about my dreams and created some real plans for how I was going to set myself apart as a brand photographer, I got so much support — in fact, people started booking me at my full prices (before I even retried offering my mini sessions)! It turns out that sticking my toes in the water with a mini session launch wasn’t necessary, I just needed to have a plan about how I was going to turn my dreams into reality.

You can’t whisper about your business, you have to shout it

I don’t recall, but I think I shared one Instagram post and talked about it in my Stories maybe 3 times over a month. It wasn’t much. I was very quiet about it because I felt so uncertain. But I don’t think hardly any of my audience knew about it and even if they did, I was so timidly awkward about it…I probably wouldn’t have booked me either.

For the “relaunch” of my brand mini sessions, I entered with a whole marketing plan and lots of confidence. I talked about the mini sessions almost daily, and why my audience should book one. I teased, and then teased it more, and had a waitlist. I sent emails. I wondered if I was being obnoxious, but on the morning of the launch, 70% of the spots were booked within 1 hour.

You have to believe you before others will

You might pick up a theme in this email so far: I lacked confidence in my own ability to achieve my dreams. There were lots of things behind this, but the reality was this: I was already a successful wedding photographer, and I had a background in marketing and storytelling that would help me to support the brands I wanted to photograph.

It wasn’t until I got some business coaching that I realized I already had everything I needed to be an amazing brand photographer for coaches and creatives, and I just needed to step into doing it.

The bottom line?

When something fails, come up with a plan, shout it from the rooftops, and believe in yourself — and your ‘bad’ launch will teach you everything you need to know to be a more successful, more empathic business owner.

Click HERE to check out my successful brand mini session launch.

I'm Lisa! I'm so excited to be able to share my favorite tips, expert insight into creative brands and tiny weddings, and some of the real-life stories of the amazing people I get to capture!

help! what do i wear to my brand session?

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